Printing, Copying, Faxing, Scanning


IT Client Services oversees all printing on campus. For any issues or problems with library printers, please contact the IT Client Services Help Desk. For more information, visit

Networked high-speed printers are located throughout the library. Printers and their release stations are located on the Main Level adjacent to each Research Consultation Room, on the Upper Level near the atrium at the top of the front stairs, and on the Lower Level next to the study area. Print jobs can be retrieved from any print station.

When sending jobs to the "Falcon Print" print queue, users can set their documents for two-sided printing to help save paper. Users can send documents to the color printer by sending documents to the "Falcon Color Print" queue. All of the printers found on the Main Level are black and white while there are two color printers and an additional black and white printer located in the print/copy room on the Upper Level.


Public photocopiers ($0.10/page) are located in the printing room on the Upper Level and in the copy room located just by the Lower Level stacks reading area. The Upper Level copier accepts Falcon Funds or cash; the Lower Level copier accepts cash or copy codes (held by Faculty & Staff). A dedicated copier for faculty and staff with a copy code is located in the same area.

A change machine is located near the photocopiers on the Lower Level.


Also located in the Lower Level reading area is a fax machine for public use. You can send and receive faxes at this machine. The number is 781.891.3140.


There are two scanners available for patron use on the Lower Level of the Library. There is an overhead scanner in the copy room which will create PDFs that can be e-mailed to your personal e-mail account or saved on a flash drive. There is a flat-bed scanner located in one of the study carrels directly outside the Lower Level copy room. Both scanners are free to use.

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