Course Reserves

Due to the exceptional circumstances we face, we are temporarily instituting Student Scan on Demand. We will try our best to ensure that students have access to portions of books or articles in our physical collections for classwork and research by making digital copies. Should you need a selection or chapter from an item, please fill out this form and we will scan the selection and email you a PDF version. Please request your highest priority material first and allow up to 2 business days for processing.

Placing items on course reserve allows your instructor to provide access to the material required for assignments to all students enrolled in a particular class. There are two types of course reserve collections:

  • Physical Reserves are a collection of printed material (books, journals, etc.) placed on course reserve by your instructor and made available for students to borrow for a limited period of time. Search here for items on physical reserve. You may search by instructor’s last name, or by course number.

  • Electronic Reserves or e-reserves are like physical reserves, except that your instructor posts readings electronically to your course’s Blackboard site for you to access.

Borrowing Physical Reserves

Reserve items are placed on reserve each semester/session and are located in the reserve stacks behind the Library Services desk.

  • To borrow a reserve item, you must present your current Bentley University ID and provide to library staff the title of the item you wish to check out
  • To find out what your instructor has placed on reserve, you can search the library’s online catalogue by either course number or instructor
  • All physical reserve items will be removed from the reserve collection at the conclusion of the semester

Loan Periods for Physical Reserves

To ensure that every student is afforded access, loan periods on reserve items are typically very brief. They are determined by your instructor and can be any one of the following:

  • 2-hours – library use only
  • 4-hours – library use only
  • 24-hours
  • 3-days
  • 1-week

Reserve items cannot be renewed.

Fines for Overdue Physical Reserve Material

Because all material on course reserve needs to be available to a large number of students, overdue charges will be levied against items returned late. Students are responsible for the timely return of all reserve items borrowed, whether or not any reminder or notice is received from the library.

  • Late charges are assessed for each item overdue at $1.00 per hour with a maximum fine of $28.00 per item
  • There is no grace period for overdue reserve items

Accessing E-Reserves

  • Assigned electronic reserve readings are available on your course’s Blackboard site. They are filed within a folder titled Electronic Reserves under the Course Documents tab
  • Electronic reserve readings can either be PDF documents of digitized print content or links to licensed electronic resources, in most cases e-journal articles
  • Access to electronic reserve readings will be terminated at the conclusion of the semester

General Copyright Statement Regarding Course Reserves

Copyrighted materials made available via course reserve (both print and electronic) are for use in class, related course study outside of class, and course research. The use of copyrighted materials in all formats, including the creation, online delivery, and use of digital copies of copyrighted materials submitted for course reserve, must be in compliance with U.S. copyright law. To learn more about your responsibilities when using copyrighted material in course reserves, please consult the Bentley Library Course Reserve Copyright Policy.