PhD Suites

PhD Suties

The Library offers four PhD suites located on the Upper Level (rooms 231, 232, 233, and 234). Each suite is equipped with five desks and twelve lockable storage units. PhD Students are eligible to hold keys for the suites and storage units in a “hot desk” arrangement. Students are assigned keys to a specific storage unit, and can use any desk space in the four suites as they are available.

The PhD Suites may be used only by PhD Students who have been assigned keys. The suites are kept locked at all times. Authorized users may not permit access to others or loan out their keys. The suites must be kept neat and clean, and no food and drink can be stored in the suites or their locked cabinets. No electrical devices are allowed in the suites, including coffee-makers, cooking/warming devices, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. All such devices are not allowed in the Library and will be removed if found. The Library Services staff has authority to periodically inspect the cabinets and remove any forbidden materials, including any Library holdings that have not been checked out.

Bentley’s PhD program administrators will verify the eligibility of PhD Students seeking keys to the PhD suites and storage cabinets. Each candidate will complete a contract whereby they agree to be responsible for a room key and a carrel key, while also agreeing to pay for one or both replacements if lost. PhD Students are eligible to hold keys for the suites and storage units until they graduate or leave the University. Application forms are available at the Library Services desk on the Main Level.