Research Instruction Center (RIC)

The Research Instruction Center (RIC) is a 26-computer classroom located on the library’s lower level, Room 011. It includes an interactive white board and may be equipped for distance learning. Most library workshops and classes are held in the RIC.

If you would like to schedule a library instruction session for your class, please click here.

Occasionally, the library's Research Instruction Center (RIC) is used by other groups on campus, usually for training purposes. This classroom cannot be booked through the Registrar or the online event room reservation system; reservations in the RIC are made at the discretion of the Research Instruction Coordinator. Library instruction takes priority in this classroom; campus groups should be aware, especially during the academic year that reservations are subject to change. If your reservation changes, you will be notified no later than ten days in advance. To reserve the RIC, contact Matt Van Sleet, Research Instruction Coordinator at or 781.891.2311.