Study Spaces

The Bentley Library features modern spaces for both individual study and collaborative work.

Group Study Rooms

Located on all three levels are 24 state-of-the-art collaborative study spaces, which may be reserved online in advance or on an impromptu basis via touchscreens mounted outside each room. Designed to support the need for collaboration in a business university, 19 rooms feature large-screen LCD displays which automatically switch between room PCs and student laptops.For Bentley students only. To book a study room and for more information, click here.

Graduate Student Study Carrels

The Library has 36 study carrels located on the upper level of the building, available for use by graduate students. Priority assignments are given to research/teaching assistants, followed by all other graduate students. Each carrel has a locked storage cabinet.For Bentley Graduate Students only. For more information about Graduate Student Study Carrels, click here.

PhD Study Suites

The Library offers four PhD suites located on the Upper Level (rooms 231, 232, 233, and 234). Each suite is equipped with five desks and twelve lockable storage units. PhD Students are eligible to hold keys for the suites and storage units in a “hot desk” arrangement. Students are assigned keys to a specific storage unit, and can use any desk space in the four suites as they are available.For Bentley PhD students only. For more information about PhD Suites, click here.

Individual Study Spaces

The library offers spaces for private, individual study that include carrels, tables, and comfortable chairs on all three levels.

*Please note that Group Study Rooms, Graduate Study Carrels and PhD Suites are available for Bentley University students only.