Subject Liaisons

Bentley Library provides support to faculty through their work as subject specialists, who serve both as contacts for individuals (book and journal requests, specialized reference service, etc.) and as liaisons to academic departments and programs.

Faculty is encouraged to contact their liaison for assistance with research questions or projects. Library liaisons can assist you in selecting and navigating the most appropriate online research databases for your needs.

Liaisons are also responsible for selecting and purchasing materials within their subject specialty. Please contact your library liaison with purchase requests for books, videos, journals and online resources.

Department Liaison Name Phone Email
Accountancy Kim Morin 781.891.2304
CIS Stephen Tracey 781.891.2302
Economics Viral Amin 781.891.2103
English & Media Studies Matthew Van Sleet 781.891.2311
Finance Viral Amin 781.891.2103
Law, Taxation, & Financial Planning Stephen Tracey 781.891.2302
Gender Studies Macee Damon 781.891.2314
Global Studies Katie Leahy 781-891-2692
History Kim Morin 781.891.2304
IDCC Stephen Tracey 781.891.2302
Information & Process Management Stephen Tracey 781.891.2302
Marketing Lisa Curtin 781.891.3407
Management Katie Leahy 781-891-2692
Mathematics Viral Amin 781-891-2103
Modern Languages Macee Damon 781.891.2314
Natural & Applied Sciences Hope Houston 781.891.2450
Philosophy Kim Morin 781.891.2304
Psychology (Natural & Applied Sciences) Lisa Curtin 781.891.3407
Sociology Lisa Curtin 781.891.3407