Museum Passes

The Bentley Library Museum Pass Program allows current Bentley University faculty, staff, and students to enjoy the art, culture, and history of numerous local museums. These passes provide free or discounted admission to the museums listed below. Museum passes must be booked online. If you need assistance, please visit the Library Services desk. A valid Bentley ID is required to reserve passes and to pick them up at the Library Services desk. Please direct all questions, comments, and suggestions to the Library Services Desk at ( or 781.891.2168.

Bentley Library Museum Pass Policy

Each individual is limited to one pass from each museum per month. A museum pass that is returned late but affects no other patrons will be assessed for normal reserve overdue charges ($1.00 per hour with a maximum fine of $28.00). A museum pass that is returned late and prevents other patrons from using it will be assessed for overdue charges according to the following calculation: (cost of admission) X (number of people admitted on pass) X (number of days other patrons are prevented from using the pass). All borrowers are subject to overdue museum pass fines.

A museum pass that has not been returned within two weeks of its due date will be considered lost and the patron will be billed for the fines accrued to date PLUS any replacement cost charged by the museum.

A billed patron will be restricted from borrowing any museum passes in the future. This applies to ALL borrowers.